Saturday 03 March 2012, was an exciting day for the inhabitants of the Internally Displaced Camps in the Mpati Area. The DSRSG paid a special visit to investigate the incidents and the find a solution for the land conflict in the area. RSA Operational Battalion Commander Lt Col M. Dyakopu and his team were as early as possible at Mpati, awaiting the high delegation guests.

But later more on the reception, just a quick background on Mpati and its surrounding localities.

Since November 2011, the Internaly Displaced People (IDPs) residing within Mpati (RSA Operational Battalion’s Area of Responsibility, started going back to their deserted villages which are situated within Bulende Locality to harvest crops from their deserted farms.

The desertion of these villages was caused by the high activities of Mayi Mayi Pareco and FDLR Armed Groups (AGs).These circumstances were caused by the shortage of food supply by WFP. As a result a lot of Human Rights violations (HRV) and atrocities were reported. These incidents occurred in the villages of Ronga, Mumo, Birumbi, Vifumbi and Karangwe.
Due to the inaccessibility of this location, none of these incidents were confirmed.

Bibwe village was deserted by its inhabitants due to the high activities of Mayi Mayi Pareco and FDLR AGs. This gave the settlers of Burungu who are originally from Rwanda an opportunity to settle on their land based on the instructions of Mr Erasto (self proclaimed chief in the Mpati Area).

These settlers are however very vulnerable to attacks by the negative forces. This raised a lot of tension between the settlers (Tutsis) and the inhabitants (Hutus) which resulted in conflict of land between these two ethnic groups. As a result the inhabitants of Bibwe are now denied to access their farms.

The DSRSG, Ms Leila Zerrougui and the Ms Hiroute Guebre Sellassie, North Kivu Head of Office for Political Affairs and a team of 8 members arrived at TOB Mpati by 13:30. A Guard of Honor was in place to welcome the guest.

Lt Col M. Dyakopu welcomed the guest and Lt T.P. Mokayane was doing the briefing on the activities and incidents as explain above.

After the presentation the local Chiefs and IDP Camp Presidents participated in a round table discussion, ironing out and gave an account to the DSRSG, their experienced and challenges.

We did not fell short in ensuring that our guest was whole heartedly welcomed and treated with courtesy. The snacks prepared by Munigi Base Chefs were delicious and mouth watering. The Platoon of Lt T.P. Mokayane and Sgt M.E. Snyman indeed knows how to make a difference, the Flag indeed are flying high at Mpati.