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  • SANDF Cricket Championship

    Participation in sports is one way of instilling discipline and enhancing soldier’s performance in the battlefield. It allows soldiers to improve general fitness that is conducive to better health and contributes to the health related components, in this case preparing soldiers for combat operations. Apart from keeping your body healthy and revitalising your mind...

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  • As the year 2017 rounds up and we approach the festive holiday season, the Chief of the SA National Defence Force, Gen Solly Shoke hosted the annual Thanksgiving Service held at Defence Headquarters in Pretoria on 29 November 2017. The aim of the Service was to afford Chief of the SANDF ...

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  • Members of the CSIR and DOD at the last day of the Course.

    It has long been the dream of Department of Defence Logistics Division to develop such course for logisticians as it would place the Department of Defence and the SA National Defence Force at the forefront of Logistics on the African continent and the international community...

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Defence people!

I will pass this way but once please allow me to do the good that I can for never shall I pass this again.
This is era that has been marked with interesting events. Where shall I start: maybe 1994 sounds reasonable. Tight belt we came with vigour still eager to continue with what we started in 1976. Shall we go down the memory line? I know some will go further than others but for me this is neither the platform nor time to do so. Therefore I choose to start here that is the recent past 20 years.

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