SANDF commits to the Rand Show for another three years

By Mr Malose Malema
Photos by Mr Katiso Mabuza

The holidays of the first quarter of the year 2018 are upon us. And with them arrives the need for everyone to seek the companionship of their immediate families or extended relatives scattered across the world. Unfortunately the old habits of taking long cross-country trips to the beach are no longer viable, thanks to the persisting negative economic dynamics.

Entertainment innovations like going to the cinemas or watching movies at home are redundant too. It is either through the forever rocketing prices of cinema tickets and refreshments or the over-repeated content on pay channel Television networks.

Now there is a more affordable and a nice way of enjoying the well-deserved holidays courtesy of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and the Rand Show. Speaking during the launch of the 2018 edition of the show, Head of Corporate Brig Gen Mafi Mgobozi said there is a reason behind their department’s decision to extend their partnership with the Rand Show by another three years.

Pleased with the 12 and half square-metre of space designated for the SANDF, Mgobozi said: “The reason to extend our collaboration with the Rand Show is mainly to do with the SANDF’s Hero’s Quest.  This is basically an attempt to take the people’s defence force to the people”.

Just like the entire make-up of the Rand Show, the SANDF has planned a parental guidance displays. Mgobozi said the capability demonstration is used to take people into the real preparatory phase of soldiers for combat-readiness. However Gen Mgobozi said that people should take note of the fact that the SANDF is not only designed to fight battle.

He said: “Next year we are going to add the disaster management demonstrations to the current line-up. This demonstrate SANDF’s capabilities during rescue missions in natural disasters like floods or veld fires.”

Gen Mgobozi pointed out to the previous successes of the SANDF in as far as rescue missions are concerned. These includes the time when the men and women tasked with safe-guarding the South African citizens stepped in to clear the rotten situation during last year’s crippling nationwide strike by mortuary workers.

He said: “As the national defence force, we are prepared to go a step further in making sure that we fulfil our mandate of keeping the country safe, safe from any unpleasant situation. Even if the teachers or any other professionals down tools tomorrow, the SANDF will be ready to step in because we have man-power and resources needed to resolve any impasse.”  

Gen Mgobozi concluded by encouraging visitors to make sure that a stop at the Special Forces demarcated area at the Rand Show is a must. He said this will give people a first-hand experience of how soldiers survive in trying situations in the ultimate quest of keeping South Africa safe.

Apart from the SANDF demonstrations, the Rand Show is filled with every aspect of informative entertainment.  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Rand Show Craig Newman was grateful to the SANDF for renewing its participation in the Rand Show. He said that there are over 124 presentations to last the entire 10-day-duration of the 2018 Rand Show. He said: “There is fun for everyone because the Rand Show has got everything from sport exhibitions to lifestyle opportunies”.

Newman added that this years’ show is special as it has added new editions to their line-up. Amongst the new editions are The Flower Garden Show, House of Horrors, Experience India and the Naked Scientist, which is back by popular demand.

He said: “After missing out last year, we saw it fitting that we listen to the demands of our audiences and brought back the naked scientist. But people should not be alarmed by the name. Naked scientist simply means that this man is capable of answering and covering any scientific mystery. So don’t let the name full you. Bring along your children.”

According to Newman, other interesting editions is the Experience India at hall 10. He said the introduction of Experience India came as they attempt to give people an authentic Indian feel.

He said: “Things like fabrics, taste, and smell will conceptualise the real Indian feel for the entire duration of the Rand Show. There will be a unique and different line-up for every single day and entertainment is available at entertainment stage right there at hall 10.”

Newman said that they have hired the services of a research company to help them give people what they want. Some of the findings of the research led to the introduction of the Mid-week Festival. This festival takes place every Tuesday to Thursday night until 21h00.

He said: “The reason we chose those specific days and times was the result of us taking the findings of the research seriously. People who miss the afternoon SANDF demonstrations wanted to come and unwind after stressful work’s day, so the previous 19h00 cut-of time was not convenient at all. So we have a list of artist that are going to perform here every day of the day for the entire duration of the show.”

Another significant attraction is the five-side Castle Lager soccer legends tournament. This tournament boasts the notable names like former Bafana Bafana and Keizer Chiefs legendary goalkeeper Brain “Spiderman”Baloyi.

This unique tournament will start with the quarter-final stage and it will eventually crown the overall winner to represent South Africa at the African Championships in Zambia. Then the sub sequent winner of the continental showpiece will then march on to represent Africa at the global stage in Russia.

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