Change of Command at 35 Engineer Support Regiment

Article by Capt Jocelynn Herling
Photos by: S Sgt Nzama

On 13 February 2014 the new OC of 35 Engineer Support Regiment took over at a first-rate parade held by the regiment in Dunnottar. The 'bees', as the unit is commonly referred to, were indeed abuzz on the day in which they turned out spectacularly on the parade, complete with colours.

The day was filled with mixed emotions. Col Gerrit Janse van Vuuren had been a mother and father to 35 Engineer Support Regiment for seven years and had made his mark in the Regiment leaving behind his footprints and memories of his time here. Col Janse van Vuuren has been appointed as the new Chief of Staff of the SA Army Engineer Formation.

The 'bees' were preparing for his imminent exit in a well-organized manner as well as the entry of the new Officer Commander, Lt Col Sam Mbonani. His entry was accepted very well when the new OC introduced himself as "Bosso Kemang" and by doing so he broke the ice.

Lt Col Mbonani is taking over quite a busy unit which serves as the depot of prime mission equipment for the entire SA Engineer Corps. at the end of the parade, three cheers for Lt Col Mbonani signified a warm welcome to him as the new commander of the regiment - a promising start to an enriching tour of duty with the 'bees' of the South African Engineer Corps.

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