Battle Honours parade

Pte Pitso Phillip, SA Soldier
Photos by Sgt Elias Mahuma

On the 20 of February 2014 Thursday, the Chief of the SANDF, Gen Solly Shoke conducted a brief parade at Bloemspruit Air Force Base (AFB) near Bloemfontein. It was one of its kind as it has never happen before in SA Military history. This parade was conducted as a preliminary parade to bestow Battle Honours on all the Units that were involved in the Battle of Bangui, namely 5 Special Forces, 1 Parachute Battalion and 7 Medical Battalion to be displayed on their colours.

The aim was to enable these units to display their Battle Honours in their colours, for the first in public the following day during Armed Forces Day. Soldier from all arms of services filled AFB Bloemspruit Hanger to witness this historic moment. The Officers Commanders of these units received Battle Honours on behalf of their Units.

“As I stand before you today I am proud to say during our life-time we contributed to peace on our continent”, said Gen Shoke, who expressed his gratitude to the soldier for their selfless service to the SANDF and South Africa, Gen Solly Shoke said the military is not for chicken-hearted and his soldiers demonstrated their bravery.

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