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DATE: 8/20/2020


SUBJECT: The SA Air Force resumes preparation for Exercise Winter Solstice 2020

​​The SA Air Force is currently finalising a plan to safely execute Exercise WINTER SOLSTICE 2020.

The SA Air Force plans to execute Exercise WINTER SOLSTICE 2020 as a Command Post Exercise while continuing the balancing of its support role to Op NOTLELA and the continuing need for an operationally ready force.

The necessary precautions, which include the procurement of sufficient Protective and Screening Equipment as well as the adherence to Social Distancing Protocols to protect the deployed members, will be taken and deployed commanders will be given the flexibility to make conditions-based decisions on the ground.

The date for Exercise WINTER SOLSTICE 2020 will be communicated in due course


Issued by:Defence Corporate Communication, Pretoria

Enquiries: Brig Gen Hilton Smith
(Director Corporate Staff Services)

Maj Mpho Mathebula
(Corporate Communication Air Force Command Post)
082 774 2350