Relevant Acts
That provide for the defence of the Republic and for matters incidental thereto.

  • Defence Act 44 of 1957
  • New Defence Act 42 of 2002
  • Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999
  • Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000
  • Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 2002
  • Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act 70 of 2002

White Papers

  • White Paper on National Defence for the Republic of South Africa May 1996
  • Defence Review 1998
  • White Paper on the South African Defence Related Industries December 1999
  • Statement by Professor Kader Asmal Chairperson of the National Conventional Arms Control Committee on the White Paper on the Defence Related Industries

DOD Performance Indicator

Defence Secretariat Strategic Plan Archives

Defence Secretariat Annual Plan Archives

Defence Strategic Plan Archives

Government gazette 

South African Defence Review


" The Department of Defence continues to implement its Annual Performance Plan in accordance with prevailing prescripts and policies of Government during this Administration. The national strategic imperatives such as the National Development Plan Vision 2030, the Medium-term Strategic Framework 2014-2019 Outcomes of Government to name but a few have been used in the development of this DOD Annual Performance Plan. The Medium-term Strategic Framework further articulates and defines Government’s intent regarding policy directions, outputs and outcomes which continue to form the basis for the development and implementation of the Annual Performance Plan.  "
Ms N.N. Mapisa-Nqakula Minister of Defence and Military Veterans



Department of defence Annual performance plan for 2015DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE PLANNING INSTRUMENTS (2015–2020):
Containing the following: Department of defence Strategic plan (2015–2020) and Department of defence Annual performance plan for 2015 .

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE Planning Instruments for 2015 to 2020DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE Planning Instruments for 2015 to 2020
The Fiscal Year 2015 continues to be contextualised within the strategic framework adopted by the Department of Defence in 2014, in response to National policy and the associated imperatives attached thereto...

Department of Defence Annual performance plan for 2018
Therefore, the thrust of this Annual Performance Plan is premised on these responsibilities in the main. Furthermore, it takes into consideration all National Policy Imperatives that include, amongst others, the National Development Plan, Vision 2030...

Promotion of Access to Information Nodal Section

Promotion of Access to Information Act (No 2 of 2000) in the Department of Defence more

PAI Manuals

The Promotion of Access to Information Section has distributed the manuals to all the Services and Divisions of the Department of Defence. The Services and Divi-sions have cascaded the manuals down to their respective units.

DOD PAI Manual English 
DOD PAI Manual isiXhosa 
DOD PAI Manual Sesotho 

Department of Defence Executive Authority's Overarching annual strategic statement archives

This Overarching Annual Strategic Statement provides the strategic direction to the Department of Defence (DOD) and outlines the Ministerial priorities that are to be pursued in the period under review to ensure the focused allocation and utilisation of available departmental resources in support of the national government imperatives and the Defence mandate respectively.