Meet the men and women of the South African National Defence Force

"Our soldiers have done very well across the continent; they not only fly our flag high but also build communities and also facilitate economic development. I am very proud of our Commanders and our troops, ...which is our contribution to strengthening democracy in our continent"

Chief Of The SANDF, General Shoke

World Number Two in Kickboxing joins the SANDF - 19 February 2015

Pte Gans was part of the Military Academy’s community sport outreach programme instituted in 2009 by the then Commandant of the Military Academy, Maj Gen Lindile Yam, a programme which was further strongly supported by the current Commandant, Brig Gen Lawrence Mbatha. At the time Pte Gans was only 13 years of age and shown exceptional talent. Together with his father, Mr Errol Gans, he was taken under the wing of Capt Josh Cloete, the Physical Training, Sport and Recreation (PTSR) Officer of the Military Academy, to pursuit sporting excellence within the boxing and kickboxing world

I will pass this way but once please allow me to do the good that I can for never shall I pass this again - 19 March 2014

This is era that has been marked with interesting events. Where shall I start: maybe 1994 sounds reasonable. Tight belt we came with vigour still eager to continue with what we started in 1976. Shall we go down the memory line? I know some will go further than others but for me this is neither the platform nor time to do so. Therefore I choose to start here that is the recent past 20 years.

My feelings for this 20 year episode are a dichotomy; on one side I believe it has been a good epoch. However on the other...

Serving the SANDF with pride  - 17 March 2014

Many people might not see the opportunities offered by the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) but not so Pte Kabelo Meshack Tsogang, who is from Mahikeng in the North West Province. After he matriculated in 2005 he went to college for Computer Studies, but owing to financial constraints was not able to pursue his tertiary aspirations. He is outspoken, disciplined and intelligent, a young soldier with a big heart and he attributes his success to the SA Infantry Corps. He was always fascinated by the image and discipline of the military and this prompted him to join the Military Skills Development System (MSDS) in 2007. He completed his Military Basic Training and Infantry Corps courses at Infantry School.

Hard work pays off for a DCC member - 04 June 2012

Said Lt Col Rakhibane, after being handed his SMP certificate. “The inspiration I got through studying SMP was to change the lives of the ordinary people to reduce the levels of unemployment. Unemployed people should also take charge of their destinies as there are a lot of untapped skills and, by using the right tools, we can bring them back into the economic mainstream of the country. As much as we believe that the sun will rise tomorrow, we must also believe that the unemployed can change the country’s landscape for the better.”

Taking up the environmental challenge - 13 May 2012

As a strong-willed person she applied for a study bursary (for studying at State expense) in 2009 and enrolled at the University of Pretoria in 2010 for a Bachelor in Clinical Medical Practice. I look at this phenomenal young lady and think: she is so comfortable talking about herself. Nothing unsettles her, and with the same smile she said: "There is a giant asleep within everyone; when the giant awakens, miracles happen. With a vision in mind, what seemed far in the distance is only a thought away"

. ...